About us

Dash Cam Pro – International’s Dash Cam Supplier

In his sophomore year at the New York University, the Car Dash Cam Pro founder saw family members involved in a horrific car accident. Both parties denied responsibility for the collision, and because there was no video evidence to prove the family’s innocence the case took over a year to settle. Realizing that all these stresses could have been avoided with simple video evidence of the event, Car Dash Cam Pro was started. In 2013 Car Dash Cam Pro began selling Dash Cams in USA, and quickly expanded internationally. 

Dash Cams Really Work

In February 2014, a friend had suffered from a hit-and-run accident when his parked vehicle got hit in a parking lot. Due to the dash cam that he had installed in his vehicle, he was able to attain footage of the entire incident. The footage from the video was uploaded online, and product received the attention of local newspapers.

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